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Следват два откъса от Flight of spirit - роман-пътепис за едно пътуване по Камино Франсес, автор и преводач Веселина Христова.  За да се забавлявате на четивото, трябва да имате ниво А2 по Европейската езикова рамка. Ако искате, можете да използвате речник за непознати думи. Ако не желаете да ползвате речник, можете да се досетите за значението на непознатите думи от контекста. И в двата случая четенето ще бъде полезно за вас, ще обагати речника ви по английски, а за тези от вас, които планират такова пътуване, информацията може да послужи като пътеводител.    

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Lesson 3

 Any concurrence of names and occurrence is casual.



Kiril, a friend of Iva from childhood, is expecting them at the airport of Barahas. Come flying from Canada to meet Yavor and Iva, he saves them a lot of wandering. They easily find the hotel and after a short rest, set out walking round Madrid. Angie is irritated with their constant looking in the map. Iva has made the route in advance, however Angie is quite impatient and would rather ask and go ahead without stopping. Maybe Iva is in the most unenviable position because she has to balance amongst the three of them. Yavor and Kiril are quite different. Their intelligence is what unites them. Kiril is a combinatorial and strong young man, who has succeeded to settle himself in an arranged and rich country. He quickly finds a satisfying variant and they land themselves at Plaza Orient in front of the Royal Palace. However, they cannot enter there as Spain is preparing for the coronation of King Philip. The garden is excellent for recreation. They enjoy the statues of all Spanish kings, acquiring knowledge about the history of the country.


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of young people from all over the world, but also with many homeless people. Places for catering are in abundance. They have dinner near the hotel in an open-air restaurant. Just opposite them, a tramp ensconces himself. He makes a bed, spreads a sheet, covers himself with a quilt and without being bothered by the noise and the lights of the night life, falls asleep. Only Angie is impressed with it. Her friends are more impressed by a dead body which they saw at a corner while walking in the afternoon.  It was wrapped with golden folio and some people were waiting next to it, expecting somebody to take it away.  Then Iva shared quietly with Angela that the view upsets Yavor, who has lost his brother three yeas ago.  Angela also lost her sister in a nonsensical accident before less than two years ago, and Iva’s mother has recently rested.

“How differently people accept death”, Angie thinks.

Yavor’s parents are medical doctors and death is for him a physiological act, respectively to lose a close person is irretrievable.  Angie absolutely accepts the physical law that in nature nothing loses itself, only modifies. She believes that her sister has moved in a better world. She has lost her father earlier, but he strangely appears in her dreams and when it happens, always something beautiful follows after that. Iva is still suffering by the thought that she has not made everything about her mother and neither Yavor, nor Angela manage to convince her in the opposite. It is really difficult to convince Iva in anything.  She has got her opinion and always refers to her experience.

"Tomorrow we are in Prado all day long", Iva’s voice interrupts the sequence of these thoughts.

Iva has made the programme in Bulgaria and everybody agrees without objection. Tired and hungry, but excited by the way and walking round Madrid, they stay until late in the night in the restaurant near the hotel.  They all like the Spanish cuisine.


Lesson 4


They have breakfast in the hotel and go along Gran Via, Kaye Alkala, Plaza de Cibela, Paseo del Prado – the route was researched the previous day.

They queue at the entrance of the museum and in spite of the security check, quickly find themselves in the lobby of the museum. Angela takes two plans of the building – one in English for herself and one in Russian for her friend.  She also takes a guide in English for herself.  Iva does not need a guide.  She has her tablet – a gift from Kiril. Angela is almost jealous of the tablet – Iva is so obsessed with it!

They pass the central part of the building – an elongated hall with lateral galleries. The museum collection is so rich that Angela is tired to follow Iva and the boys who stop and comment every picture. She enters into one of the side galleries. She is able to find information in the guide as most paintings are indicated with headphone and code. However she follows her friends with eyes and occasionally joins them as their discussions are also interesting. She is extremely impressed by Rubens, Velazquez and El Greco. She is mostly held in front of the paintings of El Greco.  In the afternoon she comes across the boys – tired of art, they are sitting on a bench on the top floor.

“How are you?”

"Well, it was a bit too much", Yavor sighs.

"I am tired too.  Shall we leave?", Angela asks them.

"If the boss says."

Iva, however, is tireless.  She continues to look for missed masterpieces.  Having preserved collections from the Spanish monarchs, Prado exposure is really unique.

They eat in the museum bar and then head to the garden which does not impress them particularly.


Just entering the hotel room, Iva erupts:

"Why are you constantly yelling at me!"

"Me?", Angela is really stunned.

"Yes! You are constantly in rush and always dissatisfied."

"Sounds as you are wrong.  Don’t you feel that now you are yelling?"

"Because you are frustrating me. I want to have fun, to relax, and you are straining me."

"Lord, Iva! Were you acting in this way with your mother, too?"

"Yes! You remind me of her with your fears."

"But I am not afraid. Why do you think so? And you remind me of my sister who always used to blame me for anything."

"If we quarrel and hasten in this way, better not to go to Camino! We had better go back home."

"Wait a little.  I think you are afraid of Camino and you are trying to transfer this fear on me. There is something which makes you insecure.  However I will go with or without you.  In fact, I am also afraid, however not so much of the way, as how to get along with you during our joint trip.  I've been living alone for a year and compromises are not my strongest side. Besides, I am aware that we both are quite different. However, let us ask why none of us went with someone else. The common thing between us is that we both love adventures and we are fit enough for the way, though according to me, you are physically stronger than me."

"I am afraid of it, too – how we will stand each other for a month."

"Don’t be afraid.  It is a way that everyone should go alone.  We will not go hand in hand.  It is important to know where we have to stop, wait and decide where to go."

This seems to soothe Iva and she soon falls asleep.  Angela, however, is spinning in the bed for a long time before falling asleep.  She cannot understand why in reply of her tolerance, she meets enmity. Whether it is Iva’s will to lead at any cost, or she is just afraid not to be abandoned. There is the strange desire of hers everything to be extremely clear and it involves them in unnecessary explanations. But Angie guiltily remembers that she had shared with mutual friends that each of them should go on Camino alone.  Of course it is not a problem for Angie – she knows English and this language is spoken anywhere. Iva, however, doesn’t and most probably this uncertainty of hers is due to the fact that she does not feel safe with her friend. This night Angie makes her decision that whatever happens, she will go on Camino.

Follows continuation next week

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