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Следват два откъса от Flight of spirit - роман-пътепис за едно пътуване по Камино Франсес, автор и преводач Веселина Христова.  За да се забавлявате на четивото, трябва да имате ниво А2 по Европейската езикова рамка. Ако искате, можете да използвате речник за непознати думи. Ако не желаете да ползвате речник, можете да се досетите за значението на непознатите думи от контекста. И в двата случая четенето ще бъде полезно за вас, ще обагати речника ви по английски, а за тези от вас, които планират такова пътуване, информацията може да послужи като пътеводител.    

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 Lesson 67

 Any concurrence of names and occurrence is casual.


"In fact, the land on which our country is situated has a multi-layered history. I would say that we also have Roman blood, because there are many remnants in Bulgaria from the time when the Romans had been in our lands. There had been another civilization before the Thracians. The archaeological museum in my city keeps the oldest gold in the world."

"In case of well done advertisement, Bulgaria would become a very desirable destination."

"I've been walking all the way on Camino for a month, and the thought of a Bulgarian Way is hard on my head."

"You know the tradition here is for more than 1000 years. I'm not telling you to make you give up the idea. On the contrary. But in order to implement such a project there should be a governmental participation. What do you do in Bulgaria?"

"Me? I work in the employment agency in my city and deal with European projects."

"So you have the potential at least to initiate the start of such a project."

"I think I do not have the right to participate in such a project because I'm a related person, but I can really help for its realization."

"Leave that position and make a foundation to explore the possibilities of building  such a way. Your country is a member of the European Union and you can attract European funds for the realization of such a project."

"And you? What do you do?"

"I am a lawyer and we are working on European programs as well. However, I want to share something else with you. We shall also go back before closing the albergue.

"I am all ears."

"I have heard about the Bulgarian route Kom - Emine along the summit of Stara Planina mountain and I would like to see it too."

"Iva has gone through it several times. That way is, however, a lot tougher than Camino Frances, because it runs along the summit of the mountain, and from the west to the east the peaks are over 2,000 metres high on two-thirds of the way. Sometimes one has to go down to sleeping chalets. The displacement of the transitions is much greater than those of Camino Frances. I also want to pass it. May I come with you?"

"That's exactly what I wanted to offer you. I'll need a guide."

"I am not sure if I'm the best guide, but I'm glad to join you. Kom - Emine is at the same latitude as Camino Frances. But why do not I think you were not walking all the way to Santiago?"

"You're quite right. My purpose was different. I had been passing Camino and I was not in a hurry at all. I wanted to shoot the interesting places and sometimes I used transport."

"You know, I have another idea. Kom-Emine is a very extreme way. Do you want to cross Bulgaria on foot with backpacks along a way which is parallel to Kom-Emine, but at a lower altitude. We will pass through interesting and beautiful Bulgarian towns and villages. I'll trace the route. You will have the opportunity see the Bulgarian history and traditions. We will start from the sea - from the cathedral Assumption of the Virgin in Varna, you will see two old capitals of Bulgaria and many other cities and towns with a remarkable history. The end of the route will be at the Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia, but we can continue to the Rila Monastery."

"Sounds good. We have a deal. I hope we can also use transport sometimes.

"Yes, of course. I'd rather walking, but if you want, we can also use transport. Will you give me a business card or write your email? Most probably we will not meet tomorrow. We will get out early to catch the bus for Madrid."

"Here's my business card, I'm going to pay and we shall go out."

While he is looking for the waitress, Angie looks at the card: “Roberto Felini, Solicitor, Rome”. She stands up and walks to the door. Roberto has already paid and they go out in the street. Angie takes his arm, but he gets out and hugs her. They walk silently, as if afraid of spoiling the charm that surrounds them. Roberto leads her to her bedroom. They stare long and can not look away from each other.

"I'll wait for you to call," he finally says.

"Surely", she kisses him quickly and moves fast into her room.

Here and there some tablet flashes in the big room. Iva is sleeping. Angie goes to bed but she can not sleep for a long time.


Lesson 68


ALSA bus travels through La Coruña and Lugo. They again pass through known places Ponferrada, Astorga, Via Franca del Bierzo. They have time to look at the map. They cross the Cordillera Cantabria mountain chain, the Sierra del Caurel Pass, and recall La Faba, Montes de Leon, Foncebadon. They pass through tunnels, big bridges and small villages, see houses with black roofs. The feeling is different in the high mountain when you are in a vehicle. After Via Franca del Bierzo they leave the mountain. To the right of them are Montes de Leon. To the left are the vineyards that had passed to reach Via Franca del Bierzo. Angie thinks they'll go round Astorga, but not! At 15:30 they are at the bus station in Astorga, which is just behind the cathedral and Gaudi's palace. The thermometer shows 28°C.

The bus is advancing towards Madrid and the thermometer is rising. They run through plain fields with already harvested crops. Shortly before entering Madrid, the hilly part of the way begins.

They get off at the bus station and head for the underground. They stop a young man to ask him how to get to Gran Via and he turns out to be a Bulgarian.

They easily reach the hotel where they were last time. After the refreshing shower, they go out and walk along the already familiar streets of Madrid, where the evening excitement is already reigning. They sit in a restaurant and order paella. Iva offers to order a bottle of white wine, but Angie prefers beer. She is slightly worried because her stolen identity card is pointed in the airline's ticket and Angie is afraid that this may be a problem at the airport.

"Let's be long-winded this night!", says Iva. "Still, we did it!"

"Iva, how could we be long-winded!"

"But so! Haven't you ever been long-winded?"

For Angie it sounds like this: "How boring you are!"

"No! And why should we do it?"  but seeing her friend's disappointed face, caused by her lack of understanding, she decides to change the subject.

"Are  you glad to go home?"

"Yes and no."

"Hm, I'm always glad, even when I'm away only for two days."

Angie understands that Iva's nostalgia for the past is so strong that even returning to her beloved man does not matter much to her at the moment.

"You know, Iva, I rarely experience orgasm."

"Because you haven't get the right person."

"I hope to meet him. I even think I've already met him."


Angie only nods her head. Iva is not asking anymore.

"Let's go to Cibella and go back to sleep," Angie says.

It passes midnight, but the liveliness in Madrid is not diminishing. It seems as if the Spaniards have woken up for the night life.



Lesson 69


They pass all checks and fly. Angie is at the window. It's sunny and she looks at Spain from high. This is the country of the Crusaders. Even at the airport there is a cross.

They fly over the Mediterranean Sea. Then Italy stays under the clouds.


They are in Sofia. Waiting for bus  number 84, Angie feels with her lungs, how much heavier the atmosphere is here. She has always thought that this feeling in Varna is due to the moisture from the sea, but now she understands that it is from cars that are riding without purification facilities.

"Come, there's a taxi that will take us to the railway station for 15 leva", - Iva takes her out of these thoughts.

Angie grabs her backpack and gets on the taxi. They just get to Druzhba, and Angie suddenly realizes that she's missing the bag with the documents she was given by  the police in Madrid. There were also the tablet and the camera, as well as some small gifts. Again she panics, but luckily when she is in such a mood, Iva takes things in her own hands. They stop the taxi, pay and go to the nearest stop. No taxi passes and they get on the bus.

They separate at the airport. Iva heads for the departure bus stop, and Angie heads for the arrival lounge with the intention to check in the toilet if her bag has not been hanging on the coat hanger yet. As there is no access to the arrival lobby, there are two airport staff stopping her at the exit. Angie explains and one of them goes to check. At that time Iva arrives.

"Angie, at the stop, some boys told me that a border police officer had picked up the bag."

"Oh, let's go and look for them."

"Wait for the colleague to return," the employee stops them.

They wait and finally she appears to tell them she has not found anything.

They say they will check at border police and the employees wish them success.

The border police office is on the other end of the hall. As soon as Angie enters, she sees her belongings scattered on one of the desks. The policeman had begun to describe them. Angie begins to search for her identity documents, and as she does not find them, she goes on panic again. At last she finds them and relaxes with relief, but they no longer have the chance to get home tonight in Varna. They thank to the border police officer. So there are still people in Bulgaria who know and do their job obligations! 



 Lesson 70


People are scared to hear 707 km. In fact, Camino is but a great experience, a great break, because one leaves all the worries behind. We only follow the signs and our own sensations. People's feelings on this way are similar, but the way, they accept things, is very different.

Everyone finds what he is looking for on the Way. Angie went to check her strength and to see how the people of Spain live. For her the most important were the people she met and the manner Camino was arranged. What she saw were the arrangements, established for centuries, Way that is constantly being maintained and cultivated, a great care for the people. Iva started pushed by desire to plunge into the past. She enjoyed the beautiful nature and the freedom that gave her the road, to experience her beautiful past once again.

Each one of them received her lessons. Angie learned to follow her inner voice, but the biggest lesson was given to her by Iva - people who argue mostly with you, the ones you think who do not understand you, really want to be understood by you.

Iva also learned her lesson that everyone has an opinion, and if we can not accept it, at least we have to respect it.

There was a faultless order on the Way, and there were faultless communications. They did not really meet wonders on the Path, but they realized that the miracles are inside them. Angie promised that as soon as she returns in Bulgaria, she will go to the Cathedral of Assumption in Varna. She decided that the Bulgarian Camino should start from there. Deep in her heart, she had hidden two very dear images for her - the SATE policeman who encouraged her to continue her journey and that of the Italian Roberto, for whom she had the feeling that they will soon meet again.

This is a sequel novel because it is clear that the way of the two young women continues as the way of each of us continues. And it is important not to stop, and after each fall, stand still, more determined to continue. The author of this novel wishes every reader to cross at least one country with a backpack. You will be amazed how many things you can see and how little you need to really live.